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Clinical Attachments are overseas (not within the UK) qualified doctors, who are looking to gain some experience of the NHS.

A clinical attachment is a good way for an overseas doctor to learn about NHS procedures and UK clinical practice. It is intended to build confidence and should improve the chances of passing exams and obtaining jobs.

Clinical attachments are only cleared to observe and are not allowed to initiate, modify or stop treatment of a patient and must be supervised at all time by a consultant. Consultants are not obliged to take a clinical attachment; it is done out of goodwill. Please do not pressurise staff or consultants about taking clinical attachments; we would prefer it if you contacted me and went through this process. Contact details appear at the bottom of this page.

Whipps Cross University Hospital receives a large number of applications per month all seeking clinical attachments. We do recommend the clinical observer course, because it is well structured and easier to get onto than a clinical attachment. We accept clinical attachment from a variety of countries and backgrounds.


Clinical Attachments at Whipps Cross Hospital:

Unfortunately at present Whipps Cross University Hospital are unable to accept any Clinical Attachments except through the Centralised schemes as detailed below:

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Clinical Observer Course:

Whipps Cross runs a clinical observer course 3 times a year. The advantage of the course is that it provides:

  • A month placement within a chosen speciality
  • Extra Teaching Sessions
  • The opportunity to gain advice about overseas doctors in the UK
  • An Occupational Health check

The clinical observer course takes place in the following months every year:

Dates to be held Course Name Price Application Form More Info
January, June and October
Clinical Observer Course

To apply for the Clinical Observer Course please visit the Education Academy course boooking website. Spaces are very limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

If you have not completed PLAB 1 and/or IELTS, you will not be able to apply for the course. However, this is in exception to those from the EU, or who have completed an equivalent course.

Please note that once accepted, you will be asked to apply for an enhanced DBS Certificate.

Please also note that this course is for one month only. There will be no extensions.

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Contact Details :

Dr Sandy Gupta
Clinical Attachment Lead - Whipps Cross University Hospital

Avelyn Hixon
Clinical Attachment Administrator
Email to:


MEC (Medical Education Centre)
Whipps Cross University Hospital
E11 1NR


Cancellation Policy
A 90% refund will be given for cancellations received more than 6 weeks before the course commencement date.
There will be NO refund for cancellations received less than 6 weeks before the course commencement date.


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